Homeland Security

Assume the vital role of protecting citizens from terrorists and hostile nations

The world is changing, and homeland security has become a rapidly growing field in today's society, where professionals work on the frontline as protectors of our communities and national safety. At ECPI University, students can earn a Bachelor's degree in Homeland Security in as few as 2.5 years.

ECPI University's comprehensive curriculum focuses on national security and criminology principles. Our investment in the latest teaching technology means students learn from interactive crime and dispute resolution simulators, providing relevant, hands-on skill development. Students are taught the policies and procedures of the Department of Homeland Security, learn to protect national infrastructures by gathering necessary intelligence information, and train on legal issues relating to homeland security.

As a homeland security professional, you may be responsible for targeting perpetrators who threaten the nation's physical and cybersecurity. Other areas students study include gathering data, interception, investigations, apprehensions, prosecutions and monitoring.

Upon completion of this program, students can work in a variety of areas, including:

  • Border Patrol
  • U.S. Customs
  • Law Enforcement – State Trooper/Police Officer
  • Transportation Protection
  • Private Security
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Parole/Probation (Federal and State)

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