Criminal Justice

Make a difference in the world and keep people free from harm

Gain the sought-after skills required for an exciting career in criminal justice. At ECPI University, our innovative tools and comprehensive curriculum provide students with the knowledge and confidence required in the field – from crime prevention and security to investigation and law enforcement. Through our Criminal Justice program, you can become an advocate for our constitutional rights while helping ensure the safety of our communities.

At ECPI University, you'll learn hands-on from experienced instructors who have worked in the field. Our investment in the latest teaching technology means students learn from interactive crime and dispute resolution simulators, providing relevant, hands-on skill development. ECPI University also provides externship opportunities for students to gain mentored, practical experience in a real-world job setting.

Students can master skills in:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Security, Surveillance and Investigations
  • Courtroom Procedures
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Corrections
  • Anti-Terrorism and Homeland Security

Upon completion of this program, you can be prepared for a variety of careers, including:

  • Police Officer
  • Corrections Officer
  • Federal Officer or Investigator
  • Border Patrol Officer
  • Insurance Investigator
  • U.S. Customs Agent
  • Juvenile Justice Specialist Probation Officer
  • Parole Officer
  • Park Ranger
  • Court or Law Firm Clerk

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